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  • With 28 years of automotive experience, we can do a lot for your car.
  • We can save you a lot of money on car maintenance at a dealership level.
  • We can supply you with second opinion and we will treat you with respect that you deserve.
  • We have over 6000 satisfied customers and we will keep them that way.

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  • Chris Balzer

about us

In its 12th year of operation, FixRight Automotive is constantly expanding. With a no pressure attitude and fair pricing, we gain our customers trust and loyalty.

our team

Chris Balzer, founder and general manager, has over 28 years of automotive repair experience. Currently there are a total of three mechanics on duty.

did you know?

Regular car maintenance, such as tune-ups, oil changes, air filter maintenance, and proper tire inflation, can save 23 gallons of gasoline per year on average.

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